Thursday, January 19, 2012

Value of Permanent Behavior Change

It takes up to a year for an adult to make a permanent behavior change.

I support collaborative project teams by helping them replenish the well of resolve they draw from to keep collaborating over many months filled with challenging situations that sap their resolve.

I also help them with their collaborative awareness, values, skills and behaviors. If they have collaborative awareness and values, but no skills and behaviors, they can't act. If they have awareness, skills and behaviors, but no values, they don't care to act and if they have values, skills and behaviors and no awareness, they don't know to act.

By helping collaborative project teams marshal their collaborative skills and behaviors to create expanding pools of meaning, they can make mole hills out of collaboration-flattening mountains of challenge that can suddenly appear.

Prepare to be prepared to solve challenges with collaboration.

Lack of trust costs money. Just look at our costs for insurance, contingency and man hours doing paperwork.

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